Shira (shirz87) wrote in oeac,

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Wow...I'm bringing this back to life

haha Colin, did you enjoy the slight Evanescenceness (WOW..large, odd word) reference there. I actually didn't mean for it to be like that, but hey it worked, so I kept it. one's posted here since like March and it's almost June. It seems we have slighly died..but maybe this will help.

Ok, ttyl!
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i thought this was a back up if the board broke ?! hah someone has got to fill me in on the rules here ;)
Haha, well then we're in luck, since the board has conveniently decided not to work!
ahh I was supposed to make this not die...but it didn't really work...but I'm here now and since the board isn't working...someone come and entertain me
weeeeeeeeeeee! i was mentioned! ;)

no, this isn't an old email just showing up now. this is me commenting like 2 months late. :P